Terms and conditions

§1.0 General

The site is run by BOOMERANG SWEDEN AB (organization number 559119-5499), based in STOCKHOLM. VAT registration number SE559119549901.

Agreements are entered in Swedish and will be concluded when you choose to order at checkout. By ordering from the website you agree that to the terms and conditions between you and Boomerang.

Once you place your order, you will receive an e-mail in which we confirm receipt of your order. We will then send you an e-mail confirming that the product has been sent to you (Delivery Information). If you want to change your order, we can only do so before your order has left our warehouse.

In all our prices, VAT includes 25 percent.

We reserve ourselves for any final sales, stock differences, technical issues, specifications and prices changes, and any typographical errors on our website. If you are not satisfied with our correction, you can of course cancel your order free of charge.

Boomerang also reserves the right to refuse order in individual cases. We strive for the reproduction of the products in the Webshop to be as close as possible to the reality. However, we can not guarantee that all images accurately reflect the true appearance of the products. For example, we can not guarantee that the proportions and colors shown in the site accurately represent the actual proportions and colors of the garment.

§2.0 Delivery

Boomerang delivers all orders shipping free within Sweden. For International orders the shipping cost is 5 EURO or if you order over 100 Euro the shipping cost is free. If a product is sold out, not in stock or delivered later, you will be notified by e-mail. You may cancel your purchase if we did not ship your order on time.

If your package has received a shipping damage when you get it, inform us immediately on the site. If the package has been removed and you have not received it, please inform us within a reasonable time.

Boomerang sends an order confirmation to your email address before we ship your goods.

You will be notified via e-mail or sms when the package is available in the store. Remember to include ID and reference number for your package. Your package is available at the delivery point for 14 days. After 14 days, the package returns to Boomerang.

If an order is not retrieved or acknowledged on time, and if a shipment is returned to Boomerang due to incorrect address, we will charge 100 SEK as compensation for shipping, handling and other overheads.

We ship with DHL and Schenker.

§3.0 Payment

Klarna Checkout: Klarna Checkout presents some information for you as soon as you are identified. What and how much information you need to enter to obtain identification may vary between different purchases and customers. Some credit information is never taken directly in Klarna Checkout, but if necessary, depending on the payment option you have chosen. Credit statements taken by Klarna do not affect your creditworthiness and can not be seen by others requesting credit information about you, such as banks. Once you have been identified, Klarna Checkout shows what options are available to you. Invoice is preferred as payment option, but you can of course choose one of the other options, such as direct payment by bank or card payment. What options are offered may change from time to time.

The Klarna Checkout includes these payment methods.

Card payment: You can pay by Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Select card payment and follow the instructions.

Direct payment internet banking: For those who are connected to the Internet bank at SEB, Handelsbanken, Nordea or Swedbank. When you choose to make a purchase, you will be redirected to your Internet bank, where you will be logged in as usual. The money will then be deducted directly from your account when you approve the transaction.

Klarna Direct: You use BankId to register your payment via your Internet bank.

Klarna Invoice: We offer payment by invoice via our partner Klarna. In case of invoice payment, the goods are sent to the registered post. If you do not want to have the goods for your national posting address, please request another payment option. No billing fee is added (0kr). Payment terms 14 days. In case of late payment, reimbursement fee, default interest and current reference rate will be paid.

Part payment: We offer partial payment in cooperation with Klarna. You can pay the entire remaining debt at any time during the installment period. The payment options we offer are shown at checkout. For current terms and conditions see the link below.

Klarna Checkout works in United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden.

Paypal: PayPal is the preferred way to pay online by many because it's safer and faster. PayPal stores and safeguards your card and bank details, enabling you to pay online without entering your sensitive financial information every time you shop. You speed through checkout in just a few clicks, PayPal takes the payment from your card or PayPal-balance directly, and your payment details are never shared with the merchants.

§4.0 Withdrawal

You have full right of withdrawal (return and replacement) within 30 days of receipt of the goods. In order to make a return the products are returned unused and with the labels accompanying the product.

Replacement: In case of replacement, return shipping is free but you must place a new order? *
For International orders contact kundservice@boomerang to receive a return label for your order.

Return: You can return your goods to Boomerang free of charge within 30 days and get the money back. Use the return label attached to your package.

Return terms

• All goods must be returned in the same condition as you received them.

• The product / products may not have been used or washed.

• Pack the goods carefully and fold the clothes as you received them.

• When we receive your package, we will check the condition of the goods before we process the change or refund the returned goods.

Your order comes with a prepaid return label except for international order where you will have to contact customer service and a return form that you use when returning your item. On the return form you check which goods you want to return / exchange and what reason.

Complaint: If you complaint your product due to a fabric fault or error, we will make a manual estimation and may request the product if necessary.

We will first try to fix the product. If this is not possible and the complaint will be approved, we will replace you with a new product.

If we are unable to replace you with a similar item, you are entitled to cancel the purchase and receive your money back.

Refund usually takes place within 14 business days of receiving and accepting your return. We can only make a refund in the same way and to the same account used at the time of purchase.

Return Address:


Stålgatan 14

754 50 Uppsala


Contact information for cancellation and complaint:

E-mail: kundservice@boomerang.se

Phone: +468 - 598 92 200

§5.0 Security

Boomerang, org number: 559119-5499 takes responsibility for the personal information you provide to us, examples of information we have are your name, address, e-mail, phone number and social security number. All information we need to process and complete your order.

By submitting your personal information you agree that we use collected information to fulfill our obligations towards you and provide the service you expect as a customer. It can be about delivering the goods you ordered, conducting credit checks, sending information about Boomerang, and other purposes like marketing.

You are entitled to contact Boomerang to access the personal information that is registered about you. If they are incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you may request that the information is corrected or removed. You may cancel your consent at any time to use your information for marketing purposes (for example, by sending newsletters or offers). Boomerang only processes your data the time it takes to perform services, or as long as required by law.

The content on the site is protected by Boomerang. All brands in the webshop are registered trademarks.

§6.0 Cookies

A cookie is a smaller text file sent from the website and then stored locally on the visitor's computer. The cookie lets us measure how you as a visitor touch you on the website. Boomerang use cookies to maximize the experience on the website. Using cookies, Boomerang can keep track of the items you have placed in the shopping cart. We also use third party cookies to enhance the shopping experience.

In your browser you can choose an option that allows you to receive a message before a web site sends a cookie to your computer. You can also choose not to receive any cookies at all.

Read more about cookies on the National Board of Post and Telecom Agency's website (https://www.pts.se/).

§7.0 Force Majeur

Boomerang is exempt from penalty for failure to perform certain obligations under this Agreement if such failure is due to release factor as described below and circumstances prevent, hinder or delay performance. The release factor includes e.g. acts or omissions by public authorities, new or amended laws, labour conflicts, blockade, fires, floods, sabotage, natural catastrophes or accidents.

The force majeure includes administrative decisions that affect the market and products negatively, such as restrictions in indexes, warning labels, sales bans, an abnormal market decline and if the company is exposed to criminal activity that affects the business.

§8.0 Dispute

For complaints and comments on our products, contact customer support kundservice@boomerang.se.

If you are dissatisfied with our handling of your case, please contact the General Complaints Board (ARN, www.arn.se). Boomerang always complies with ARN recommendations.

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